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You have a business plan that needs to be executed, preferred returns that need to be met, and an asset that needs to be stabilized. At JTA Commercial & Residential Group, we first understand what your current business model is for your asset, we tour the property, we gather information, and we provide an in-depth analysis of how best to position your asset in the current marketplace.

After our research phase, we perform a robust financial and operational analysis to develop specific short and long-term goals, identify decision points, and establish forecasts to maximize your returns while staying competitive in current market conditions. During the strategy phase, we will recommend different pricing models, define our target customers, and identify the best ways to act on your current business plan.

In a crowded arena, marketing and branding play a major role when attempting to catch our target customers’ attention. From creative discovery to design and development, we partner with some of the top creative agencies in Central Texas to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution for marketing and branding their estate assets.

The final stage is implementing the strategy to maximum effect. Our commercial leasing team hits the pavement full-throttle with marketing campaigns backed by established relationships within both the brokerage and tenant communities. Our market knowledge and experience are what is needed to fill your space.

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