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Contract Advice

We know trying to understand purchase agreements and executing contracts like a 1031 exchange can be daunting for our customers. Our executive team at JTACR will be part of each investment transaction, providing the knowledge and negotiation expertise needed to get a deal done. We will link you with the proper legal, tax advisory, and financial teams to ensure that each part of the transaction is well-structured and executed in a timely manner. JTA Commercial & Residential Group has the experience and expertise to offer our clients sound advice when it comes to the sale of real estate.

Financial Analysis

Net Operating Income

Cash Flow

The Depreciation Factor

Property Taxes

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

Site Location

Location, location, location.. is a real estate agent’s mantra. JTA Commercial & Residential Group’s combined 25 years of experience in the Central Texas real estate market gives us a strong background and knowledge base for the best site locations with data to back it up.

Investment Overview

JTA Commercial & Residential Group represents some of the largest income-producing properties in Central Texas. For each potential investment, we build institutional quality proformas outlining different scenarios to predict outcomes in different market cycles. Our in-house team works on canvassing properties, whether on-market or off-market, for all of our clients.  We diligently keep you updated as new spaces become available.  JTACR’s proprietary in-house canvassing web-application helps speed the process from researching the most in-demand areas to presenting the best options for you in a timely manner.

Market Analysis

We research our clients investment properties and provide them with a sound overview to better assist in their decision making. Before submitting or responding to any offers on the table, our team at JTACR conducts a full in-depth investment analysis. Our experience in the Central Texas real estate market gives us an edge of the current market value trends. As a client of JTACR you can rest assure our market analysis is up to date and accurate.